R.R. # 1 Box 118 Morden, Manitoba, Canada R6M 1V9
Ph: 204-822-6919

Custom Bale Grinding

Grind your feed and improve quality. Our units cover all of Manitoba, coming to most areas about every 3 - 4 weeks. We grind your bales quickly and efficiently. We grind for feedlots, cow/calf, dairy feed, bedding straw, frozen silage, and feed for sheep & goats. Bale grinding production varies from 30 to 60 bales per hour depending on conditions.

We grind your poor quality hay for improved feed value to reduce waste. May also be mixed with good quality feed for extra value. Salt can be added to high moisture bales to extend the life of the pile.

We grind rounds, large & medium squares, hay, alfalfa, slough hay, corn straw, & green feed. We can also do dry grain and high moisture corn.

Please call us in advance to book your grinding dates.