R.R. # 1 Box 118 Morden, Manitoba, Canada R6M 1V9
Ph: 204-822-6919

Custom Bale Grinding

We're ready to serve you for all your bale grinding needs.

We have 2 Mighty Giant bale grinders by Jones Manufacturing to cover Manitoba on a monthly basis throughout the grinding season. Our area ranges from eastern Saskatchewan to the Ontario border and from the US border to northern Manitoba.

We grind large rounds, large & medium squares, all hay, slough hay, alfalfa, corn straw, green feed, and dairy bedding. 1 3/8", 3", 5", 7", & 9" screens available on the grinder.

We supply the grinder and the operator. You provide the loader, an operator, and the bales you want to grind. For a longer lasting stack, you supply the salt to mix in with the feed.

Did you see this grinder driving by? This means you just missed our schedule. If you want to grind in the future, please call in advance. In haying season you already know you will be grinding bales. October is not too early to book in next season’s grind. We look forward to seeing you!

Bale Grinding video #1



Wind tarp to save alfalfa leaves

Wind tarp to save alfalfa leaves. Helps control blowing feed and dust in windy conditions.


Wind tarp

Wind tarp facing directly into the wind.

Wind Tarp video


Blowing dust during grinding. Face engine upwind

Blowing dust can be expected during grinding. This is why it is important for the engine to face upwind.


Old bales

Don't waste your old or poor quality bales. Mix 2 good bales with 1 poor bale to make good feed for your cattle.

Bales on rocks

Please do not set your bales on rocks. First put down some straw.

Example of rocks sticking to bales

Example of rocks sticking to bales, causing major damage to the grinder.


Please destroy bales with broken spears.