R.R. # 1 Box 118 Morden, Manitoba, Canada R6M 1V9
Ph: 204-822-6919

Custom Grain Grinding

High moisture corn grinding with completed stack.

Corn grinds @ 2500-3300 bu. per hr.
Wheat grinds @ 2000 bu. per hr.
Barley grinds @ 1400 bu. per hr.
Depending on conditions.

Surge bin and a minimum 10" auger

Most efficient corn grind is supplied by a surge bin and a minimum 10" auger.

Corn Grinding video #1



Truck unloading corn

Truck unloading corn is approx. 1000 bu. per hr. less efficient than with surge bin. Lose time in trading trucks and adjusting chutes on end dumps.

Corn Grinding video #2


Hopper trailers being used as surge bins

Hopper trailers being used as surge bins.


Bagging ground corn with feed mixer

Bagging ground high moisture corn with feed mixer. Grain carts do not work, they only bridge.

Bagging video


Grinding in the evening

Evening grinding. Our average grinding hrs. are from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM to serve all customers.

Please call us in advance to book your grain grinding dates.